Brewster Electric & Construction, LLC

Brewster Electric & Construction, LLC




Brewster Electric & Construction partners with our “sister” real estate company, Brewster Realty & Investment, to provide prompt property repairs and maintenance, for commercial and residential real estate with the highest quality workmanship, at the best rates possible therefore maximizing profitability.

Because we’re owners, we maintain like owners!  We will “maintain your investment, like it’s our own.” After 45+ years of experience managing and operating our own residential and commercial portfolio, as well as for other owners, Brewster Electric & Construction has fine tuned our methodology of properly maintaining every asset.

Brewster Electric and Construction has a vast array of services and resources to properly maintain your investment and keep it running seamlessly, not only  retaining the property’s value, but also for security and peace of mind. We are there to handle the full spectrum, from day-to-day service repair requests, ongoing maintenance needs, general project oversight, but also to be there even in the event of a storms or other emergencies.

Our comprehensive maintenance services include:

  • Commercial Repair & Maintenance Services

  • Residential Repair & Maintenance Services

  • Emergency Services & Restoration